REX Surgical Specialists

Dr. Kirk Faust and Dr. Paul Park practice Endocrine Surgery in Raleigh North Carolina.  Stephanie Niedzwiecki CNP  is our Nurse Practitioner and assists us in the care of our patients.  Our practice is limited Endocrine Surgery. Together we perform more than 650 endocrine operations each year.

Our Website discusses thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules, Multi-nodular goiter, adrenal tumors, and hyperparathyroidism.

This site is designed to be a resource for our patients to help them understand surgical diseases that affect the major endocrine organs and how we approach them in our practice. The function and non-surgical diseases of the endocrine system will be discussed only to the degree it clarifies surgical problems. Specific information about disease processes, pre-op and post-op care guidelines, decision methodology, our qualifications and outcome information is presented.

This site is not designed for healthcare professionals or non-patients looking for medical information. The content of this Website applies to patients under our care. If you are not one of our patients and you find information on this site confusing or in conflict with information from your healthcare provider, please contact your physician for clarification. Do not change your approach to your personal health issues unless directed by your physician.

This Website has been created by Dr. Faust and reflects his professional opinions. Another excellent Website for patient education about endocrine surgery has been created by the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons.